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The grass can be greener

If you�ve always dreamed of having a lawn like your local golf course, you can easily make this a reality � with some help from your GTi Prolawn specialist.
Even if your lawn is well used for play and leisure, it can still look superior, and all it takes is a little preparation and regular maintenance, utilising the same products professional turf managers use to maintain high grade sports fields and golf courses.
The GTi Prolawn range of products has been developed by the team at Living Turf NZ in response to demand by the home gardener for professional grade lawn care products and to have access to sound advice on the establishment and maintenance of a superior lawn. This product range includes premium grass seed, slow release and quick release fertilisers, soil wetting agents, along with pest and weed control products.
Living Turf NZ have wide experience in the highly competitive professional sports turf market.  GTi Prolawn products are all professional quality and are designed for simplicity of use and maximum performance to assist you in creating and maintaining the best lawn in your street.  

Your local GTi Prolawn stockist is a lawn specialist with technical support from Living Turf NZ.