Prolawn SEED:


Prolawn Tournament Blend is a blend of premium turfgrass cultivars, dark green, new generation fine turf type ryegrasses are blended with carefully selected fine fescues. The blend contains Chewings fescue and Creeping Red fescue which are shade and drought tolerant grasses along with three fine turf ryegrass varieties which have excellent wear characteristics and provide outstanding colour. Tournament Blend will provide the best all round lawn for appearance, maintenance and durability, our most popular seed blend.

Sowing rate is 5kg's per 100sqm.

Available in 25kg, 5kg and 1kg packs.




Prolawn Matchplay Blend is a traditional blend of fine turf type ryegrasses, fine fescues and browntop. This blend will provide a lighter green colour and will provide excellent drought tolerance and is suited to harsher conditions. Over time depending on location and maintenance regime one or two of the varieties in the blend, particularly the browntop, will begin to dominate the lawn. Matchplay Blend will provide a good all round hardy lawn.

Sowing rate is 4kg's per 100sqm.

Available in 25kg, 5kg and 1kg packs.



Prolawn Rustic Blend is made up of 3 quality fine fescues (Hard,Creeping Red and Chewings Fescue), providing a very fine leaved drought and shade tolerant lawn. Rustic makes a very attractive show lawn and will perform well under full maintenance and low mowing situations. This blend is also very suitable for low maintenance areas like banks and around planting and landscaped situations.

Sowing rate is 3.5kg's per 100sqm.

Available in 25kg, 5kg and 1kg packs.



Prolawn Sovereign Blend is a classic fine lawn blend of fescue and browntop. Sovereign is medium dark green in colour, is very fine and recovers well from wear. Suitable for fine closely mown lawns including tennis courts and croquet lawns.

Sowing rate is 2.5kg to 4kg per 100sqm.



Prolawn Classic Rye Blend puts together a blend of premium qualityfine turf type ryegrasses. A dark green colour producing a strong turf sward for high wear areas with good performance under drought conditions.

Sowing rate is 5kg's per 100sqm.

Available in 25kg, 5kg and 1kg packs.



Prolawn Tall Fescue is a very popular lawn grass in the USA and cooler areas of Australia. Being a very deep rooting variety makes it the most drought tolerant of all “cool season” grasses.  Tall fescue is genetically green so even during the middle of winter or the hottest part of summer it will remain green unlike “warm season” grasses such as couchgrass or kikuyu. GTi Prolawn Tall Fescue forms a lush deep carpet lawn that is persistent and durable, staying green year round. Once established GTi Prolawn Tall Fescue does not require a lot of maintenance although more care usually means a better lawn..  Likes high mowing height – 30 - 50mm.

Sowing rate of 5kg to 6kg per 100sqm.  


Prolawn Lifestyle Blend is a mix of turf type ryegrasses and clover ideal for mown lifestyle blocks, roadsides and other low maintenance areas.

Sowing rate of 3kg to 5kg per 100sqm



Hollywood is a premium seeded couchgrass (bermudagrass) suitable for open areas. This attractive, moderately fine leaved cultivar is medium-dark green in colour,very suited to sandy soils and is the most drought tolerant of all lawn grasses. This is a warm season grass and therefore will go into winter dormancy when exposed to frosts.

Sowing Rate 1kg to 2.5kg per 100sqm.


Prolawn Coastal Blend is made up of Kikuyu and Fine Fescue for use in coastal situations.  Coastal Blend provides the opportunity to have a green lawn year round.  With the heat and drought tolerance of Kikuyu and the winter hardiness and dry tolerance of Fine Fescue.  When the Kikuyu is dormant the Fine Fescue with be green.

Seeding Rate 3kg per 100sqm



Prolawn Turfmaster Gold is a professional grade granule slow release fertiliser. Turfmaster Gold is very safe to use and can beapplied under most conditions without risk of damage to the lawn, apply and just water in before mowing again to prevent mower pick up. Packed in a resealable rigid plastic 4kg storage container.

Application rate is 2 - 3kg's per 100sqm.

Available in 4kg pack to cover 200sqm and for large areas in a 20kg bag.



Prolawn Turfmaster Starter is a mix of slow release and standardrelease fertilisers with high phosphate in a readily available form to assist with early root development when establishing a new lawn. This formulation is ideal for application at seeding time or when laying instant lawn.

Application rate is 2 - 3kg's per 100sqm.

Available in 4kg pack to cover 200sqm and for large areas in a 22.68kg bag.




Prolawn Garden Supreme is an homogenous pellet fertiliser for general garden and lawn use.  Suitable for all garden plants and shrubs including acid loving plant and roses. All nutrients are available in a readily available form to provide rapid growth stimulation.  For gardens apply @ 80gm/sqm and water immediately to remove granules from leaves. For lawns apply @3kg per 100sqm and water in immediately to reduce risk of burning and activate product.

Available in 4kg pack and for large areas in a 22.68kg bag.




Prolawn Aquaturf G is an easy to use, safe wetting agent for all applications including lawn, garden and container planting. Use to cure dry patch problems caused through hydrophobic soils and media as well as assisting drainage of ponding areas.

Application rate is 2 - 3kg's per 100sqm.

Available in 4kg pack to cover 200sqm and for large areas in a 20kg bag.





GTi Pyrifos G is a safe to use granular insecticide for the lawn and soil borne insects in the garden. Works well on hard to kill insects like grass grub. Comes in a handy shaker pack for ease of application.

Apply 200gm/100sqm.

Available in 500gm shaker pack and 10kg pail.






Prolawn Broadsword controls broadleaf weeds in lawns without harming grasses. Weeds controlled include catsear, chamomiles, chickweed, clover, daisies, dandelion, docks, Onehunga weed, prickles and thisles.

Mix 65ml with 5 litres of clean water and spray evenly over 50 square metres of lawn.  For new lawns (less than 6 months old) use 50ml per 5 litres. Apply in spring or autumn when weeds are growing more vigorously. Do not apply after prolonged periods of dry weather. Do not apply if raining or rain is expected on the day of spraying.

After spraying, keep people and animals off the lawn until the spray has dried.  For best results do not mow the lawn for 7 days after spraying. Broadsword works slowly so effects may not be seen for up to 4 weeks.

Apply 50 - 65ml/50sqm. Available in a 1 litre pack.






GTi Prolawn Radar is a non-toxic, temporary blue dye indicator safe for use on lawn grass. The bright blue colour shows you exactly where you have sprayed helping to prevent skips and overlaps and aids in detecting spray drifts. Colour disappears after a few hours.

Available in 1 litre and 5 litre containers.






The GTi Hand Spreader is a large capacity hand spreader for use with seed, fertilizer, and any granular material. Designed with an integrated scoop, it can scoop material out of bags so you don’t need to touch the material you are spreading. With large capacity, the GTi Hand Spreader makes quick work of all lawn fertilising needs. Ideal for small to large suburban lawns.


GTi Prolawn

The GTi Prolawn is a light duty commercial grade spreader for homeowners or low use landscaping. It’s gearing allows a full swath at 5km/h application speed or a smaller swath at lower speed.
• Rustproof plastic frame.
• 20kg capacity polyethylene hopper
• Self-lubricating Nylatron GS gears
• Positive on/off system
• Factory calibrated
• 10-inch sawtooth tread pneumatic tires, rustproof rims
• Includes free hopper cover


GTi Landscaper
The Epoxy Powder Coat paint gives superior rust protection in a painted spreader. Light Commercial standard spreader for lawn specialist or lifestyle use.
• Positive on/off system
• Factory calibrated
• 30kg capacity polypropylene hopper
• Self lubricating Nylatron GS gears
• 10-inch pneumatic tyres, rustproof rims
• Rain cover



Swissmex Knapsack SW503
This heavy duty 15 litre knapsack sprayer features a dual piston/diaphragm pump, providing the benefit of achieving high pressure if required with the piston (over 6 bar), and the safety of a diaphragm pump as well. Fitted with viton seals, this sprayer will last.
Other features include a wide filling port, filling strainer and pressure filtration, lance, viton seals and adjustable nozzle for durability. The nozzle can be changedto a flat fan type suitable for lawn spraying.  You can also attach an optional boom for more uniform spray coverage of lawn areas.


Pump-Up Sprayers
These commercial grade 5 and 7 litre Pump-Up sprayers are constructed of heavy duty components for lasting performance. A wide filling neck ensures spillages are a thing of the past. The rugged lance comes complete with fully adjustable nozzle, strong lever-type shut-off and pressure filter. The lance clips securely to the pump handle for convenient storage and transport. Has a built-in pressure relief valve. Nozzle can be changed to flat fan type suitable for lawn spraying.  You can also attach an optional boom for even greater uniform coverage of lawn areas.


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