Summer Lawns

  •  With the wet and cold of winter becoming a distant memory we are now faced with the new problem of our lawn drying out. Historically the answer to this problem has been water and more water, however when the soil surface becomes water repellent or “hydrophobic” it requires more than just an irrigation system!!
  • There are a number of reasons why your lawn may become water repellent but it is not impossible to remedy using the latest in wetting agent technology.
  • AquaTurf MAX G granules are one of the most effective tools in dealing with a wilting lawn. 
  • Easy and safe to apply and can be used even in the hottest temperatures. 
  • AquaTurf MAX G will allow the water to penetrate and move down through the soil surface giving an even and deep wetting. The granules will then attract and retain moisture which will reduce the chance of the lawn drying out again.
  • AquaTurf MAX G granules can be applied by hand as they are non toxic, however because it is important to obtain even coverage applying with a hand spreader is recommended. AquaTurf MAX G is available in a 4kg pack and is applied at a rate of 2kg per 100 sqm.