Lawn Restoration

My existing lawn is in poor shape and I want to get it looking good. What do I do?

Most poor lawns have a history of low fertilisation and lack of weed control.  It will probably have areas that are moss and weed infested and the grass that is there will be sparse and open with compacted soil especially if it is predominantly clay. The following is a basic guide to correcting common problems. 

Early Spring
1.   Fertilise with Turfmaster Gold to encourage strong growth.
2.   Spray weeds with a broad range weed killer such to control broadleaf weeds.
3.   About 3-4 weeks later scarify the lawn heavily to create a good seed bed. 
4.   Oversow bare or weak areas with the appropriate Prolawn seed blend and fertilise with Turfmaster Starter.
5.   Apply Prolawn Aquaturf G granules to assist with wetting up the newly sown grass.

Late Spring
 Fertilise again with Turfmaster Gold just before the start of summer around the end of November, then follow tips as described in the Maintaining a Good Lawn section.

The many issues involved in improving a poor lawn cannot be covered in a brief guide.  We are committed to assisting you in creating the best lawn possible so contact us for further guidance if needed.



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