Spring Lawn Tip

  • Fertilise, fertilise, fertilise. Thatís the key at this time of year. We are now finally starting to get spring growth in our lawns and with this comes a much greater demand from the plant for food, especially nitrogen.
  • Poor nutrition is the single biggest factor for lawns failing. The reasons are not always understood because New Zealanders historically sowed their lawn and the only maintenance done from that day on was to scalp it once a week. When a lawn is hungry the plant has a reduced capacity to handle stress whether it is heat, draught, wear and tear or even pest damage and weed invasion. It is essential to have strong healthy plants that are robust and prepared for stress.
  • The best way to fertilise a lawn is with a slow releasing fertiliser which will give you two major benefits. The first is that grass plants always want available nutrients and as slow release fertilisers supply a constant trickle of nutrients the plant always has that food when it needs it. The second major benefit is that slow release fertilisers can last up to 12 weeks which means that you do not have to worry about frequent applications. Slow release fertilisers are usually non-burning and safe to apply in any conditions.
  • Turfmaster Gold 22-2-4 is high performance professional grade slow release fertiliser which is perfect for use on all lawn grass types.
  •  Turfmaster Gold is available in 4kg and 22.7kg packs
  • Always sweep or blow fertiliser granules off any paths or tiled areas as they may stain. Apply fertilisers with a suitable spreader such as the GTi Hand Spreader. It is not recommended that you apply high quality fertilisers by hand.