Establishing a New Lawn

How do I sow my new lawn?

Work the area you wish to sow till it is as weed free as possible. Form a uniform surface with finely tilled soil or sand with a firm base so that foot print only to about 20-25mm.  The following steps will help achieve this.

1. Spray out area to be sown and cultivate then leave (if possible) for re-growth of weeds, then spray out again.

2. Cultivate area removing rock and debris including weed material, leaving a clean finely tilled soil area ready for seeding.

3. Sow seed, using a rate specific to variety used ensuring full cover reducing weed invasion.  For best results spread seed uniformly over surface, either by hand or with a spreader.

A tip is to spread half the total amount seed over the whole area then repeat with the rest of the seed. This will help give uniform coverage. The same applies for fertiliser or other granulated products

4. Apply  Turfmaster Starter fertiliser, lightly rake surface for best soil to seed contact without burying the seed too deep.

5. Lightly roll surface, and water with a fine droplet sprinkler, maintaining a moist surface through germination period. 

6. Apply GTi Prolawn Aquaturf MAX G to achieve uniform wetting and hold moisture in the newly sown surface.

7. During this establishment phase light frequent watering is preferable to infrequent heavy watering.

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